Tips against theft

Sergeant Zita Norman, Athlone police spokesperson

Athlone and Rylands Estate have seen a spike in theft of motor vehicles. Residents are reminded to ensure that their vehicles are locked and alarms activated.

If possible, park in the garage or driveway and not on pavements or in the street.

Residents in Belgravia have seen a spike in the theft of water meters.

They are urged to put safety measures in place when having their meters read and to lock their gates after it’s been done. Don’t allow anyone access to your water meter without the correct verification to read your meter.

All residents in all areas within the Athlone area had an increase in dustbin theft. They must ensure that dustbins are brought back on their property once the garbage removal truck has completed their duties.

If possible, do not put out the dustbin the night before as many are stolen during the night and the early hours of the morning.

Neighbours should help each other to bring the dustbins in if some people are gone to work when the bins are emptied.