Toilet finally fixed

Naomi Tilling, 66, shows the documents she had to fill in at the local housing office.

After months of complaining about her broken toilet bowl to the City of Cape Town, a Kewtown pensioner believes it was finally fixed after the Athlone News enquired about the delay.

Naomi Tilling, 66, who lives in a City-owned flat, said she first complained about her leaking toilet in November last year.

“It was leaking at the bottom. They gave me forms to fill in at the Athlone housing office, but then I heard nothing after that. In December and January I went back to them to ask when they will fix it, as the leak got worse. The leak made the cement around it soft, and then the whole bowl became loose. In January, they sent out a plumber to have a look at it. He told me it will take a while before it will be fixed. He never returned,” Ms Tilling said.

During this time, Ms Tilling used two towels a day and a bucket to catch the water. She and her family of five grew more concerned about it not being safe to use and eventually started using a bucket system to relieve themselves.

“We were too scared to put too much pressure on it. It would move from side-to-side,” Ms Tilling said.

In desperation, Ms Tilling went to the Civic Centre in Cape Town in February and staff there referred her back to the local housing office in Athlone.

“In February, I went to the local housing office three days in a row, and still nobody came to fix it.”

Ms Tilling then contacted the Athlone News on Thursday March 18, as her frustration grew. On the same day, the Athlone News emailed the City to ask what the delay was. Although the City had not responded by the time this story was published, on Friday March 19, a plumber finally came to replace Mr Tilling’s broken toilet.

Naomi Tilling believes it was the intervention by Athlone News that prompted the City of Cape Town to finally fix her toilet.

“I am so relieved that it is finally fixed, and I believe the work was finally done because of the Athlone News’ intervention,” a happy Ms Tilling said.