Mark R H Kleinschmidt, Ward 60 councillor

The severe traffic congestion was highlighted at the first Mobility Indaba held in the City, and is welcomed in order to change public behaviour, and seek alternatives in respect of non-motorised transport to alleviate the crisis. The number of vehicles on Cape roads has over years increased exponentially and the development of road infrastructure has not kept abreast of same.

Hence, the gridlock scenario during peak traffic hours, which has also seen major highways and arterial roads congested even during off peak periods.

My observation during visits to most European countries has revealed the successful and effective use of non-motorised transport and the extensive use of bicycles. It is indeed our collective responsibility to make concerted efforts to cooperate with the City to help solve the congestion problem by being open to the use of bicycles. Cape Town is relatively flat and the health benefits of cycling is incalculable.

Alternatives such as cycling, walking or the use of reliable public transport are possible solutions, and this paradigm shift must be embraced by all.