Travesty of justice

Mark Kleinschmidt, Ward 60 councillor

It is indeed a travesty of justice and a sad day for peace that a Peace Ambassador — a-17-year-old Hanover Park teen, Riedwaan Samuels, was shot four times, but miraculously escaped death.

Samuels is one of several Peace Ambassador pupils from high schools in the Hanover Park and Lansdowne areas.

He is a Grade 12 pupil at Groenvlei High School in Ward 60, and under the auspices of Professor Brian Williams, is bringing about a meaningful transformation in Hanover Park where he lives.

My interaction with the Peace Ambassadors initiative has revealed young people, who against all odds are hell bent on uplifting Hanover Park from a dark quagmire of gangsterism and drug abuse.

Samuels is one of the Peace Ambassadors who has risen to the challenge of engaging his peers in meaningful peace initiatives.

He and his fellow Peace Ambassadors shine the light of hope and optimism where there is darkness.

In the words of the prophet Jeremiah from the Holy Bible, “For I alone know the plans I have to prosper you, not to harm you, but plans of optimism and hope.”

May this be the portion offered to Riedwaan Samuels and all Peace Ambassadors.