Treated effluent water to service Athlone Stadium

The City of Cape Town is installing a treated effluent water (TEW) system at the Athlone Stadium to get around water shortages caused by the drought.

Pre-season maintenance of the pitch and other work are also under way.

The venue operations centre (VOC) will be expanded as the current room is too small to accommodate all safety service departments during an event.

The directional signage and assembly points will be made clearer and emergency lighting will be upgraded. All of these upgrades are necessary in the event of an emergency.

The City’s mayoral committee member for assets and facilities management, Stuart Diamond, said: “The new normal we are experiencing with the current water shortage makes our decision to install a TEW system a no-brainer. “

We have to lead by example and convert the water supply to non-potable sources at our facilities over time.”

The work is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Further upgrades down the line will include improved surveillance and an improved ticketing system.

Previously, the Athlone Stadium had a facelift in time for the 2010 World Cup.

Over the years, the parking area on the south side has been enclosed with a palisade perimeter fence and CCTV cameras have been installed.

Perimeter bag searches, ticket verification, and the deployment of 380 security personnel within the stadium on event days have all contributed to ensuring safe events. Additionally, the provision of designated vehicle parking and drop-off zones has improved access and egress to the venue.