Tribute to a stalwart

Lee Siebritz, Bonteheuwel

Knitting beautiful hearts of Bonteheuwel

With two knitting needles

in her hands

and a bale of wool

at her glance

our dearest mama knitted all the way long

With eager little toddlers

streaming happily in

she smiled at them

and soon

they were to begin

Bopping their little heads

to the left

and to the right

she nurtured them carefully

to get their patterns right

It has to be right

it can’t be wrong

no incorrect pattern

was spared from her


Pull them out

and start over again

But ma i’m so far ahead

Nope pull them out


start again better instead

A perfectionist at heart

with perfect patterns

running through her life

Young learners would sit

eagerly in her class

hoping to catch some


from the master class

Mama knitted the hearts

of Beverly Hills

she knitted them

with her masterful skills

Affectionately known as the

sweet lady

we always left with sweets and

a packet of chips

We all carried her bags

to Bergsig Primary School

and back

Memories still flood my mind

as I remember that time

Going to Gatesville to buy

bombies, sweets, chips, suckers

and lollipops

at Elite

Taking the bus with the check

floral bag

It was a lovely journey from

Bonteheuwel to Gatesville and


I remember watching the klopse

with her at the Athlone Stadium

We sat there and watched the


until morning’s rays

faded away

I remember eating fish and chips

on the corner of Salt River

with mama

whilst waiting for the Bontas


I also remember packing sweets,

chips, lollipops and lekker


as we headed out with

the luxury bus

we smiled, laughed and talked

all the way home…

Just like my time with mama

she had with mommy, daddy and

others in the family

those hearts were patterned


knitted to perfection

never in need of correction

With a bittersweet tune

mama has left the class

she has entered

God’s master class

Leaving behind a lifetime of


both happy and sad

she is at peace now

surrounded by angels at hand

Thank you Lord

for not

letting the sun go down on me

when I thought I could no longer go on

Thank you Lord

for uplifting me

for helping me to realise my


whilst others back in my days

waved me goodbye

whilst others back in my days

died like flies

Lord, thank you!

My time has come

Thank you for another year

thank you for drying my

heartbroken tears!

Thank you Lord

for calming my soul

especially on those days

when I wanted to break down heaven’s doors!

Thank you for keeping me


Thank you for placing me at a

place… I, now have to bid so


Thank you Lord for my piece of


thank you Lord for my piece of


they are smiling at me, as I run

to them!

As the clock ticks on

with every minute that


mountains of memories fill my


whilst the clock’s hands

slowly starts to wave me


I’ll try not to cry

as they wave me goodbye

as I know that heaven’s eyes

will be watching me

I know that from here on out

there will be a new-found peace

My time hath honoured

those who have entered

heaven’s doors

She hath run the race

She hath run the race

A rose gone to heaven

to meet a sweet heavenly


Her time hath come

Her time hath come

Her work is done

Mama has left behind

beautiful hearts with

patterned lines

intertwined amongst the


inspiring the tawny, mocha


youth of Bonteheuwel

with her plethora of magical


Her time has come

Her time has come

She hath run the race

She hath run the race

Thank you Lord!

my time hath come!!!

my time hath come!!!

A tribute to our dearest mom, grandma and great-grandma Mildred Cecelia Siebritz, a stalwart of Bonteheuwel.