Tribute to watch member

Ameen Isaacs, died from Covid-19.

PK 109 has gone silent. That was the call sign of Penlyn Neighbourhood Watch member Ameen Isaacs, who died after battling Covid-19.

The 33-year-old from Penlyn Estate was married and had a 7-year-old daughter. His wife is due to give birth to their son in the next week or so.

Mr Isaacs joined the neighbourhood watch six years ago when it started.

Tributes from Penlyn Estate residents poured in for Mr Isaacs on social media, and the watch’s vice-chairman Faizel Dollie said he had been the watch’s most hard-working member, out every night even when others were indoors.

He would be remembered for his jolly personality and always wearing a smile no matter what.

Mr Dollie said Mr Isaacs had put himself last and had always seen to the needs of others. He would help anyone and ask what more he could do.

The watch organised a convoy of about 200 cars to drive past
Mr Isaacs’s home after his death on Wednesday May 20.

They handed out masks bearing their logo and a collage with pictures of all their good memories of Mr Isaacs.

“The motorcade was extremely emotional,” Mr Dollie said. “We were joined by residents and friends who knew him well, and we followed strict lockdown rules. He will be missed, not only as a member of the watch but as a close family friend that he became to many of the watch’s families.”

Mr Isaacs was an IT specialist at Old Mutual, and he also did the IT for the watch and for Mr Dollie’s family.

“My family will miss him and the community will too. He was one of the members who pushed for longer patrol hours. He was the type of person never to hold a grudge or have a bad mood. His family is extremely broken and they will miss him dearly,” Mr Dollie said.

Mr Isaacs’s family posted a message on social media thanking all the watch members and Penlyn Estate residents who paid tribute to him.

“We are humbled by your gesture and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for paying such a memorable and beautiful tribute to him.”