Trolley was missed

Ahmed Moosa, Rondebosch East

We receive your paper weekly and find it valuable to know what is happening in our area.

I would like you to know that I am disappointed that Brian Joss’s Off My Trolley column is not in the paper (edition of June 17). I find that is the part I always read first. I know you said it is online but my wife and I prefer to read it in the paper. Also, there are many people who do not have access to the internet among the elderly.

Furthermore, I want to say that Mr Joss is very valuable to the community as a whole as he has assisted so many people for such a long time that I want to say to him a very special thank you, from my wife and I. He deserves an accolade and I am sure many people feel the way I do.

I know that it is the paper that gives him the voice but still it is his helpfulness and sense of community duty that he has that we should not overlook.

Thank you Mr Joss and to Athlone News.

We thank Mr Moosa for taking the time to write to us to express his appreciation for the Off My Trolley column and the Athlone News. Unfortunately, the column wasn’t used due to space constraints – Editor.