True freedom for youth

Peter Daniels, Bokmakierie

History will reflect how young people took to the streets and made informed choices that brought about change.

Looking at young people closer to home, the youth are yet to experience the real value of freedom to choose and the freedom which leads to self- determination regarding their future prospects.

While many limitations, including social, economic and self-imposed restrictions, are placed upon youth today, it’s no excuse for them to fall by the wayside.

Each of us has the freedom to decide and thus determine a course of action to realise our goals in life.

Sadly, we’ve seen how young men and young girls restrict themselves and close off their minds to the possibility of truly experiencing the freedom available to them.

We encourage them and we say to them that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

However, today’s actions and decisions is what matters, for in order to lead tomorrow, today’s youths should be free to exercise their freedom to lead and make the right choices to lead tomorrow.

So, young people, are you experiencing true freedom? Or are you living in a society that still dictate your lifestyle, your movement or your mentality?

We’ve seen many young people not realising the value of what it means to be free in our communities.

Despite the fact we have a challenger, an enemy as the saying goes “you are your own worst enemy” – ourselves.

They think they know it all, have it all, however they convince themselves they have nothing to contribute and add to a meaningful society.

Having and enjoying the freedom of staying out late at night, drinking, smoking, and having all kinds of tattooes, they think it’s the ultimate freedom and most times they feel truly liberated.

With this limited freedom to choose many young girls in their early teens fall victims to teenage pregnancies before 17 years old.

Many of them including and most young men experience the use of alcohol and drugs and most young men fall victims of gang affiliation well before turning 16 years.

Their power to choose led many young people to believe they are free, yet their freedoms ignored the consequences.

Therefore, today’s parents assuming the responsibility, making their sons and daughters more dependent on parents.

The sad result is parents are trying to save them from facing the “embarrassing” responsibility that comes with freedom of choices.

Young people are allowed to make mistakes, they’re also allowed to face the consequences. I asked myself why are young people so afraid to take responsibility for their freedom, limiting themselves to add value to society.

Young people with so much potential don’t really believe in themselves and their ability to add value to society. We remind them, we reaffirm it so many times but they are yet to make the mind-set shift.

Sadly, because they have not made the mind-set shift, many young people are giving up their freedom to another to make choices on their behalf.

Another with a dominant character now controls, dictate and keeps our young men and young girls in poverty.

Youths in Bokmakierie and elsewhere, where’s your desire, what happened to your childhood dreams and aspirations?

Challenge yourselves to experience what it means to be a “born free” and self- reliant. You decide for you.

Don’t become a slave of another; they’ll destroy your dreams and your hopes because of their selfish ambitions. Don’t allow another to decide for you, don’t pursue another’s dreams, chase your own dream. You decide for yourselves and make the right choice today.

Yes, you can become financially independent, yes, you can even experience spiritual freedoms, but it depends on you. You decide today whom you shall serve.

Remain blessed as we celebrate Youth Month in June.