Two arrested after primary school guard slain

Police have arrested two men for the killing of a security guard at Woodlands Primary School in Heideveld.

Manenberg police have arrested two men for the killing of a security guard at Woodlands Primary School in Heideveld.

Alfie Scholtz, 59, was beaten to death on Sunday July 25, during the early hours of the morning, when thieves broke into the school through the kitchen, said Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesman Unathi Booi.

It is believed that Ms Scholtz disturbed the burglars who then attacked him.

Mr Scholtz was found injured by the guard on the morning shift. He was taken to hospital where he died.

Mr Booi said the thieves had taken food, but the total value of the goods stolen and the damage caused were not known yet.

The WCED did not have the final figures on how many schools had been burgled during the holidays, he said.

“I do not have information regarding previous break-ins at the school at present.

“The WCED sends its condolences to the family of the security guard and the school community. This is a tragic incident, and our thoughts are with the family in this very difficult period. The district has offered counselling support to the school,” he said.

Manenberg police spokesman Captain Ian Bennett said the thieves had stolen kettles, pots, a dishwasher and a microwave from the school.

Manenberg police arrested two men, aged 45 and 59, in Heideveld the next day in connection with the killing, and the two accused appeared in Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Thursday July 29. And six people arrested for being in possession of stolen property appeared in the court the following day.

Manenberg Community Police Forum vice-chairwoman Vanessa Adriaanse described Mr Scholtz as a kind-hearted, sweet, and honest person, who had been very helpful to the community. His senseless killing had ripped the Heideveld community apart.

“You could ask Alfie to help you with anything, his door always open. He made us copies late at night; he was there for anything you needed. When we had events, he always volunteered; it was never about money.

“He worked long hours, put his own life at risk to ensure school was safe.”

The saddest thing, she said, was that those accused of his murder had known him well.

“Their own kids attend that school. Heideveld has come to standstill; this has really affected our community,” she said.