Two bust for tik and mandrax

Athlone police are looking for three men who fled after police caught them packing heroin.

A gunman shot and killed a 23-year-old man in front of his father in Kewtown.

The victim was walking with his father in Eland Street on Tuesday October 29, at 7.30am, when he was shot in the back, say police.

According to Athlone police spokeswoman Sergeant Zita Norman, four shots were fired.

The victim ran across Eland Street and collapsed and died outside a flat in Heath Court Kewtown.

No arrests were made.

Athlone police are looking for the shooters of a 21-year-old gang member.

According to Sergeant Norman, the man was asleep in a bakkie outside a Petunia Road house in Silvertown on Monday October 28, at about 10pm, when shots fired at the vehicle hit him in his right cheek.

He was taken to hospital.

Athlone police are also looking for three men who were caught packing heroin when police raided a house in Pearl Crescent, Vygieskraal, on Thursday October 31.

The men fled the scene when they saw the police.

Police found 162 small packets of heroin and one big packet as well as more than R10 000 in cash.

Athlone police arrested two men for the possession of tik and mandrax on Wednesday October 30.

Police searched a house in Petunia Street in Kewtown at 5.30pm and arrested a man found with 89 packets of tik and arrested another man in Cannabas Close later the evening who was found with 68 mandrax tablets and R546 cash.

Anyone with information can contact Athlone SAPS at 021 697 9238/39.