Upgrades destroyed by thieves

Thieves have stolen paving on the corner of Heideveld and Ascension roads, in Heideveld.

Thieves are destroying upgrades meant to beautify Heideveld by ripping out paving and selling it.

Resident Janine Jacobs is appalled at the theft of the paving.

“I really feel aggrieved by this blatant hooliganism. I am appealing to the community to be vigilant and to report this,” she said. “The residents buying this are as guilty as the culprits stealing this paving, as it is our hard-earned taxes being used.”

Community police forum treasurer Gadija Kallies said residents had approached her with information about the stolen paving, hoping that she could intervene.

“I heard a rumour about paving that was stolen being used to beautify residents’ private homes,” she said. “We do not condone any criminal behaviour. I approached some men who were pointed out as being the perpetrators, but at the time, they had no paving with them, even though I noticed they had trolleys with them. The residents said the men use trolleys to transport the stolen paving. I, however, can’t report or do anything without solid proof. I did give them a stern talking though.”

Ward 44 councillor Anthony Moses said the paving had been used instead of tar to make the area look nice.

“It looks like we will have to relook the use of paving when we do upgrades,” he said. “We spent R30million on a bridge, which connects Heideveld to Gugulethu, but this bridge is now left with a huge hole. We have fixed it three times already. It was used for illegal sand mining. The thieves don’t even care that there are CCTV cameras. A few were already apprehended who were caught on CCTV stealing the paving near Heideveld station.

“We are currently busy with a R33million road refurbishment project, which will see concrete roads upgraded to tar roads. I have been to check out the area on the corner of Heideveld and Ascension roads, and it is in a bad condition.

“Residents know where the paving is being sold. Some residents called me to say they have seen people with that paving in their properties. Other residents called me to ask a City vehicle to pick up the paving they took for safekeeping in their yards. I appeal to the community to report thefts and vandalism of City property to law enforcement.”