Village Moms keep children safe

The Spenston Youth Development brass band had people dancing at the childrens festival in Surran Road Park, in Hanover Park.

Making 3 000 hot dogs is no easy feat, but Hanover Park’s moms did that for a children’s festival they ran to quieten gang conflict in the area.

Earlier this year, the women held outdoor meetings in Tiberias and Walvis courts, to mobilise residents against gangsterism (“All we want is peace,” Athlone News, February 20).

They call themselves Village Moms, and they’re determined to stop children joining gangs. They believe children should be able to play without being afraid of getting hurt in gang violence.

It’s thanks to these moms that more than 2 000 children enjoyed entertainment, games and music at Surran Road Park on Saturday April 6. The moms prepared those legions of hot dogs and also hosted grandparents for breakfast.

Shamilah Rogers said they chose the name for their group from the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”.

It took the group three weeks to plan the event.

“We received donations and assistance from local businesses, and residents of St Lucia Court also contributed generously towards the day,” Ms Rogers said.

Members of the Village Moms include Laiqaah Khan, Sakiena Daniels, Ingrid Williams, Belinda Cupido and Shireen Peters.

The Spenston Youth Development brass band and the Newfields Marching Band belted out melodies and marching drills on the day, and the children played chess and kerrim and bounced around on the park’s play equipment.

There were also food stalls for them to visit and over at the amphitheatre, youngsters performed dazzling dance routines.