Ward boundaries change

The boundaries of seven of the nine wards in the Athlone News distribution area have changed.

The boundaries of seven of the nine wards in the Athlone News distribution area have changed significantly.

In December last year, the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) handed over the new ward boundaries to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) following a public consultation process.

According to the MDB’s website, the ward boundaries change after every five years, in line with the local government elections. The MDB is an independent authority responsible for the determination of municipal boundaries.

Once the changes have been made, they are published in the provincial gazette.

The changes include Manenberg, which is now only part of two wards – Ward 30 and Ward 46. Before, the area was part of Ward 42, Ward 45, and Ward 46.

Ward 30 councillor Bonita Jacobs said the size of her ward had increased and now included Sherwood Park and Tambo Village.

Ward 30 is the former Ward 45 of Manenberg. Ms Jacobs added that a final decision had not been made about which sub-council her ward would be part of.

Bridgetown is no longer split between two wards, and is part of Ward 49 now.

Ward 46 also gained parts of Belgravia and also serves a bigger part of Manenberg than before. Aslam Cassiem, the Ward 46 councillor, said he embarked on a pamphlet drive a few weeks before the local government elections to inform residents about the ward boundary changes.

Gleemoor and Alicedale are no longer part of Ward 49, and now form part of Ward 48. Ward 49 councillor Rashid Adams said many people were unsure about the ward boundary changes but public meetings had been held about them before they had taken effect.

The area from the Lansdowne railway station, along Turfhall Road, Jan Smuts and Kromboom roads, is no longer part of Ward 60, but is instead now part of Ward 48.

Ward 60 councillor Mark Kleinschmidt said he had informed residents on social media about the change.