Ward helpers have chance to shine

Ward 44 councillor Anthony Moses, sixth from left, with some of the awardees from his constituency. Also pictured are master of ceremonies Ivan Anthony, far left; mayoral committee member for urban waste management, Grant Twigg, second from left; and Ward 47 councillor Antonio van der Rheede, far right.

Those going the extra mile to serve their community were given civic-honours awards, at the Dulcie September Civic Centre last week.

Ward councillors make the nominations annually for the awards, choosing those in their constituencies who make a difference.

“You are missed when you are not in the community, because you have made a difference,” Ward 47 councillor Antonio van der Rheede told those nominated from his constituency.

People from four wards that fell under the old Sub-council 11 received awards at last week’s ceremony. All the recipients received a certificate of appreciation and enjoyed a three-course meal.

Gigi Richards, 75, who has made food for the needy in Hanover Park for 27 years, couldn’t attend the ceremony but sent her assistant, Asa Meyer, to receive the award on her behalf.

“I am so grateful and feel very happy to have received this recognition,” she later told the Athlone News.

“When I think back about how we started, I realised we started with nothing. I only had support from my family and friends. Now we receive help from local small businesses.

“We thank all our donors. We also receive support from radio listeners, as I often appeal for help on radio as well. No man is an island. We are a team, and we would not have been able to do it without all the help we receive. We are so grateful. Our need for ingredients, gas and water, is constant and hence we rely on all the help we can get.”

Charnelle Arendse, a teacher at Belmor Primary School in Hanover Park, was also honoured.

“I love how the councillors honoured people from all walks of life who serve their communities in different ways,” she said. “Many aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers were recognised for the roles they play in making their community better and for going the extra mile.”

Grant Twigg, the mayoral committee member for urban waste management, said the timing of the event was fitting as it was in the same week that a survey by the UK’s Telegraph placed Cape Town as the third best city in the world, after Barcelona and Sydney.

“We appreciate all your effort,” Mr Twigg told the recipients. “It’s appropriate that Cape Town was voted the third best city in the world. There is room for improvement, even though the services we render are better than the rest of South Africa. In order for us to make it even better, a collective effort is needed.

“Every person has a role to play. All of us can do a little more. This includes to report potholes, street lights that are not working, not to pay someone to go and dump your rubbish illegally. Also, when you clean up in front of your house and you see an empty packet, pick it up and throw it in your bin, even though it is not your mess.”

Following changes to ward boundaries after last year’s local government elections, Sub-council 11 (formerly wards 40, 44, 46 and 47) now comprises wards 47, 48, 58, 59, and 60. Wards 40, 44, 46 and 49 are now part of Sub-council 14.

From left are, Nathan Remedies, Charnelle Arendse, Jody Less, Abbas Harris, Ward 47 councillor Antonio van der Rheede, Diane Williams, Asa Meyer (receiving the award on behalf of Gigi Richards), Agnes McKay, and mayoral committee member for urban waste management, Grant Twigg.
Some of the Ward 40 recipients of the civic honours awards with Ward 47 councillor, Antonio van der Rheede, sixth from left, and mayoral committee member for urban waste management, Grant Twigg, third from right.