Watch feeds the neighbourhood

The children line up for some food.

A neighbourhood watch is making up food parcels for Silvertown families who can’t afford groceries during lockdown.

As of Saturday April 18, the Western Cape had 866 Covid-19 cases, 215 recoveries, and 16 confirmed deaths, according to Premier Alan Winde.

Silvertown’s Neighbourhood Watch’s Nasiera Clarke says they’ve been running the food drive since lockdown started, collecting donations and making up hampers of fish, fish oil, flour, jam, teabags, sugar, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, maize meal, noodles, and bread.

The watch gave out more than 30 parcels on Tuesday April 14, but Ms Clarke said more were needed.

The lockdown had hit people hard as many of them had huge families to feed, she said.

“People are suffering; they don’t have anything. Some people even approach me for electricity money. We really would like to do it once a week. The residents are so grateful when we deliver, they actually cry, and we didn’t expect such a response. We really need more donations, and we are struggling to get them. We would like to do it as an ongoing thing, not just for the lockdown. Now you can really see who is in need of food and who is really struggling.”

A small team use the prayer room in Blossom Road to make up the parcels..

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie has also launched a food drive in the area. Residents donate food that is cooked at a single house in a street then distribute to those in need in that road. Mr McKenzie hopes the campaign will continue after lockdown.

“Today we did what many thought was impossible in the crisis we find ourselves in,” he said. “Street by street, residents contributed food to provide a meal for vulnerable people in that street. It was extremely emotional to see streets and community come together to feed and love each other.”

To make donations, call Nasiera Clarke at 082 317 7517.