Waxing lyrical

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

Not the norm

Not the norm

says the mother

of 11 year-old

Amr Salie’s journey

author code writer

passionate about

reading and writing

(are we all not)

and he is a chess pro

A book-launch is had

Amr Salie’s Blameless

a thriller it is said

by he who has read

The Hardy Boys Dr Seuss

and Goosebumps too

Not the norm

the everyday

the stereotype

the standard grade of life

(as per protocol and etiquette)

The audience is wide-eyed

(a politician is hawking too)

as Amr’s mother tells tales

of him writing his book

on his dad’s broken phone

(he fixed it we hear)

Not the norm

an inspiration is he

keeping on the straight

and the narrow strait

(though his dad smokes

and now holds the baby)

Not the norm

mothers are urged

parents are urged

to listen and support

(and to nurture too)

which too often

is not the norm

Lansdowne library hosted the launch of Amr Salie’s Blameless, on Saturday October 28.

That’s the right answer

A late-night user

of the local library

and I catch up

I tell him

of an 11 year-old’s


at the local

how the audience wide-eyed

listened attentively

to the exploits of Amr Salie

a non-11-year-old 11-year-old

The late-night user

enquires of me

in typical South African

is he black

is he white

is he coloured

is he indian

I tell the fellow

that Amr is a human being

just like the likes of us

no tail or horns-on-head

That’s the right answer

he replies smilingly

not offended

(but probably taken aback)

by my un-South Africanness

by my non-normal non-everyday

tongue-in-cheek response

Not the norm

the stereotype

(as per our official


forms we meekly fill in)

which is the norm

for far too often