We should be free

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

The queue snakes

right round the corner

and it is just about 6am

a brisk Monday morn

and I have a feeling

of deja vu

(I have been here before

we have been here before)

We should be free

is one of many sayings

you get to hear

in places like these

(choicer ones I leave

steaming behind)

outside we are

in the fresh air

we who are senior

citizens of the land

older persons


and pensioners

to be

We should be free

from all of this

free from the elements

in the little village

We should be free

not shackled imprisoned

and trapped

not feeling like

we’ve done something


(someone wonders

is it not our money)

When will freedom reign

Will it


One fine Monday morning, out at the Athlone SASSA office.