What is needed

David Trout, Crawford

What is needed on the Cape Flats is discipline among the youth, especially the men.

The lack of discipline leads to our youngsters being recruited as gang members.

Any male found guilty of being a member of a gang should be sentenced to three years military training.

After serving one year, he should be allowed to come home for weekends provided he wears his military uniform. If caught not wearing his uniform, his sentence should be extended by another six months.

This, I believe, will break the heart and spirit of any gangster or anybody who wants to become a gang member.

The apartheid government had the same problem among the white youth at the time.

When white men reached the age of 18, they had to go and register for military training, and it worked although there were other agendas involved.

The abuse of women and children will stop, and there will be a lot of responsible men in our society.