Who will die next?

David Kapp,
Belthorn Estate

is the anguished cry

out Hanover Park way

people march there

to the Philippi police station

protesting gang violence

though it could be

anywhere on the planet

any place in the ghetto

of your mind

Who will die next

our ritual Women’s Month

is now departed

(Manenberg’s Rock Girls say

women we are never truly safe

sadly women talk self-defence)

Who will die next

goodness has long-time passed honour

and integrity too

truth has left us

power struggles

whilst the everyday

of conscience is no more

sectarianism tribalism

separatism cronyism

still all flourish

with gay abandon

we have hungry children

under-nutrition and poverty

of the mind

Who will die next

Before we all

can live

“Who will die next?” (Athlone News, August 30).