Woman warns of robbers targeting the vulnerable

Leila Walker, 57, from Bonteheuwel, was robbed of her money, food and wedding ring on Tuesday March 31.

A Bonteheuwel woman has cautioned others to be vigilant when they have to leave their homes to get essentials, as she believes criminals are targeting the vulnerable during lockdown.

Leila Walker, 57, was robbed while on her way home from the butchery on Tuesday March 31. The robbers took her food, wedding ring, and money.

“There were four guys. They were all wearing masks and hoodies so it is difficult to identify them. I was walking over the field near the mosque. It happened so fast. There was nobody on the field when I decided to cross it, and then they came from nowhere. One of them grabbed me from behind – around my neck – forcing me to the ground. The one had a knife. After they pulled me down, they took my ring, the money I had on me, and my food.

“I was so traumatised that the only thing on my mind was that I needed to run home,” Ms Walker said.

She did not report the incident to the police.

Bishop Lavis SAPS spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, said he could not confirm any opportunistic crime in his precinct.

“Victims need to note that we will always encourage them to report such incidents to SAPS. Once the matter has been reported, we have the responsibility to investigate the matter and report the progress to the victim.

“Our biggest challenge in Bonteheuwel remains that we still have too many residents that find themselves on the road and can’t justify the reason for them not being confined to their places of residence.”

Activist Caroline Peters said two pensioners in Bridgetown had been robbed and attacked on Monday March 30 after they had collected their pensions.

Athlone SAPS spokeswoman Sergeant Zita Norman could not confirm the incidents though as no cases had been reported.

Ms Peters said a resident had called an ambulance for the pensioners, but she confirmed no cases were opened.

One of the men had Alzheimer’s and the other lived on the street, Ms Peters said.