Women abuse

Ismail Osman, Athlone

There have been several glaring reports during the lockdown

Of women being abused by their respective spouses.

These men beat up their women, resulting in a knock-down

Resulting in them not being safe to remain in the same houses.

Most men claim that the lockdown causes them to be bored

While the ill-treatment of their wives is totally being ignored.

The law says they are short-staffed with limited resources

While many abuse cases finally end in divorces.

Instead of theses men assisting their wives with their chores

They actually beat them up and kick them out the doors.

Some of these atrocities perpetrated are difficult to comprehend

Yet women feel it is only on their husbands whom they depend.

These men must seriously commit themselves to some introspection

To accept that their atrocious behaviour creates a bad reflection

To admit these crimes are shameless, gross and blatant

And can only be equated to none other, but the work of Satan!

Whether you’re a father, a mother, a sister or a brother

Now is the time to grow more fond of each other

To realise our humanity and become more giving and sharing

But most importantly, to be helpful, loving and caring!