Women pampered

Kashiefa Bobbert, a volunteer at Islamic Relief, with Amelia Snyders, 70.

Women at the GH Stark seniors’ home were delighted to be pampered by volunteers from Islamic Relief last week.

Volunteers came out on Thursday August 29 to massage the seniors’ hands, shoulders, and treat them to lunch.

Islamic Relief events and volunteer co-ordinator Taskeen Barday, said the 60 women were treated as part of their Women’s Month initiative and that giving the elderly folk love and attention meant a lot to them.

“In old age homes not many people visit them and give them love and affection. To give them a plate of food is nothing but to give them love and attention is more than anything else,” she said.

GH Stark home was established in 1982, built with funds bequeathed to the construction of the home by Federick George Louw.

The Hanover Park home, which once accommodated 40 people, is now home to 80 frail-care and able-bodied seniors who are referred there by social workers.

Rita Sheldon, 93, who suffers from arthritis, said after her hand and shoulder massage: “This was so soothing. I can feel the difference now. I couldn’t move my hand without pain; now I feel relieved.” Madge Williams, 80, said her neck was feeling less tense after the massage.

“I used to feel pain every day going from my neck to my shoulders and arms but it feels much better now, “ she said.