Women urged to take stand against gang violence

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille met with women who've lost loved ones to gang violence. Picture: City of Cape Town
Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille met with women who have lost children to gang violence in Hanover Park on Wednesday. 

The memorial service, during Women’s Month, was about taking a stand against abuse, gangsterism and violence. 

During her address, Ms De Lille acknowledged that she can never know their pain but said she wanted to offer them comfort and encouragement.

She said gangsterism was not a simple problem that could be fixed through policing. She said it was time to address the root cause.

“We must go to the cause of what leads a child onto that path. It is a breakdown of the moral fabric of our entire society that leads to children not having the right role-models and looking to gangsters and drug merchants as role models. Things don’t have to be this way because we all know that there are many successful people that have come from Hanover Park, Manenberg, Kewtown and all over the Cape Flats. We need to go down to the root cause of this scourges because it cannot go on this way, where our communities are like a war zone,” said Ms De Lille.

She urged the women to take charge and save Hanover Park.