World Book Day

Some of the Sunnyside Primary School pupils who won book prizes in their dress-up categories. With them is Jeff Paulse from Reading and Writing Solutions, who organised the book donations.

Sunnyside Primary School hosted a World Book Day event, where pupils and teachers dressed up and did a door display competition. Each class decorated their classroom door to depict a story book. They also had two dress-up competitions. The foundation phase pupils had to dress up as storybook characters, and the intermediate and senior phase pupils and teachers had to dress up as idiomatic expressions. Teacher Joy Leukes said: “During our World Book Day special assembly, three pupils from the three phases read extracts from storybooks and thereafter certificates and book prizes were handed out to the winners of the various categories. Jeff Paulse, from Reading and Writing Solutions, organised the book prizes for our school from various sponsors and was invited to hand out the book prizes.”