Charnelle Hector, Hanover Park.

Blood is gushing from our streets and courts, you can hear the mothers’ heartbreaking wails and shouts

Innocent children and blameless babies are being wrenched away

And the ruthless gangsters continue to execute and slay

They continue to wield their weapons, to execute and obliterate the youth of our communities

They shatter and smash hopes, dreams and opportunities

They walk around as if they’re the sheriffs of this town but the devil is a liar and we will not take this lying down

Enough is enough! You don’t have a right to take a life!

You don’t have a right to have a God complex and cause so much strife!

Why must our children be buried before they could become who they were destined to be?

Why must the graveyards be rich with children who could’ve matriculated or gotten a degree?

Why must the graveyards be wealthy with the ideas and innovation of our youth?

Why must the graveyards be prosperous with our future leaders who could’ve been speakers of the truth?

Let’s anoint the streets with oil

Let’s reclaim back our soil

Gangsters don’t reign and rule and they are not in control

They didn’t get voted into power by any public poll

Our children have the right to be alive

Our children and teenagers have a right to survive!

They have a right to a childhood and playing outside should not be something so outrageous

Somehow, someway, there has to be a stop to crimes that are so heinous

Let’s unite Cape Flats despite the dividing lines they have drawn

Let’s unite so our Cape Flats kids can be celebrated and not mourned

This is our community and we need to pray without ceasing

We have to press through, breakthrough, advance despite resistance

Let’s link up and pray with unflinching persistence

Because God is alive, He is NOT dead

We’re waging war in the spirit because we cannot take anymore bloodshed