Youth Day at Bonteheuwel community centre

Children enjoying board games at the after-school programme.

A fun day to mark Youth Day will be hosted by the City of Cape Town at the Bonteheuwel community centre in Apricot Street.

The focus of the event will be a five-a-side soccer contest and it will be held the day after Youth Day, on Saturday June 17, to accommodate more people.

The teams will consist of the children who take part in the after-school programme which is held at the centre every day from Monday to Friday.

The programme provides children with a quiet space to do their homework, play games and get involved in sport.

Awards will also be handed out to children who have done well in sport during the past year.

City of Cape Town play leader Timothy Amos, from Bonteheuwel, said the aim of the event was to keep children busy for the day and to encourage their continued participation in sport.

“On the day we have also invited the police force and they will bring the dog unit along, as well as the Bramble Way Primary School’s drill squad.

“The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies will also be here to represent peace and cover the trees with yellow ribbons,” he said.

He said that as the day unfolds there may be more activities such as obstacle courses and ball and board games.

Mr Amos said the plan is to start the event at 9am and finish by 2pm.

He said just as it was important to celebrate the youth of the past, it was also important to acknowledge current youth. “We need to get unity among our youngsters. It’s time for us to give back now and be role models to our youth,” he said.

Mr Amos is asking other organisations to come on board and offer their services for the day.

Angus Mckzenzie, councillor for Ward 50, said while the youth need to be celebrated and honoured every day, Youth Day provides the opportunity for people to understand how important children are in society.

“We are aware of the sacrifices that the young people made to allow this democracy that we have today. We need to realise that we have a responsibility to protect our children so that they may have a future,” he said.

He said he was excited to celebrate the day with the youth and wished everyone a happy Youth Day.