Youth Day teddy bear smiles at Red Cross

Pictured in front, from left, are Grade 6 pupil Julie-Anne Daniels, Grade R teacher Janine Duminy and Grade 3 teacher Yolanda Dudley. At the back are Grade R teacher Soraya de Vries, Grade 6 pupil Bryan Barends, and Grade 3 teacher Rosalind du Toit.

Morgenson Primary School donated over 200 teddy bears to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital to mark Youth Day last Friday, June 16.

Grade R teacher Soraya de Vries said the donation was made possible by parents and community members who showed their support for the sick children at the hospital.

The teddy bears were handed over by the school’s Soul Buddies group which had been initiated through a television programme which was called Soul City.

Grade 3 teacher Yolanda Dudley said Soul Buddies chose 50 schools in the Western Cape to join their community outreach groups.

Each groups consists of 25 pupils and Ms Dudley said they are taught leadership, confidence,
and how to work in groups, independently and for their communities.

She said parents responded well to the letters which the school sent out asking for donations.

“This is to show appreciation to the hospital for looking after our children”

Another Grade R teacher, Rosalind du Toit, said the initiative was important and parents were willing to make donations even though they faced many social ills in their community, such as crime and gangsterism.

“Despite what we are facing, there are parents who are still
able to donate and have a caring heart.

“We should never stop being hopeful that our learners will use what we have given them to be successful and fruitful in the community and value themselves and their lives.”

She said teachers and pupils always try to their best to aim high which is the school’s motto.