Youth warned not to destroy their lives

Pupils at Star College in Bridgetown interact with Athlone police during a drug awareness campaign.

Athlone police station’s social crime prevention team hopes that the drug awareness campaign held at Star College on Monday will encourage youngsters to stay away from drugs.

Tik, heroin, and dagga, according to Athlone police station’s social crime prevention team leader Colonel Lieutenant Xolisawa Ntamo, are the most popular drugs used by youngsters on the Cape Flats.

On Monday February 26, pupils at the Bridgetown-based school learnt about the dangers and effects of drugs. “At the end of the day a user ends up stealing things from their homes and selling them, and ends up destroying their communities.

“You jeapordise your life and end up with a criminal record as well,” said Colonel Ntamo, adding that pupils must be alert and mindful of who they befriend as many drug dealers recruit young children to sell drugs in their communities.

“Children from as young as 10 years old are recruited and drug dealers are targeting high schools mostly,” she said.

Colonel Ntamo displayed various pictures showing how drug users faces change when they become addicted and how the drugs damage the brain.

“It is important for them to know this so that they are aware of the effects. They were shocked to see the images but hopefully it will sway them from experimenting with drugs,” said Colonel Ntamo.

She urged pupils to not give into peer pressure and to speak to an adult they trust if they were faced with a problem.

Marc Williams, a teacher at the school, said: “Our boys thoroughly enjoyed the passionate presentation delivered by officers at the Athlone police station. It was a very informative session for our boys and staff.

“The officers at Athlone police station are doing a sterling job, (they are) true heroes. Every Monday we have a ‘value session’ where we try to instil our school values in our boys. We aim to not only educate them academically but also build on their character by sharing our school values with them in the form of these presentations,” he said.