Dr Omar leaves great legacy

Dr Adam Omar

Farouk Kerbelker, chairperson, Muslim Assembly, Gatesville

It is with heartfelt sadness that we, the executives, members, teachers and staff of the Muslim Assembly, announce the death of our dear president, Dr Adam Omar, on Wednesday March 24.

He will always be remembered as our teacher, mentor and dear friend, who inspired us to be part of the Muslim Assembly and all the programmes for the past 40 years.

His entire life, his worship and service were spent in the cause of God alone. His profound love for Islam, his noble character and selflessness were reflected in all his endeavours and contributions.

His great love was sharing his vast reservoir of knowledge in developing education. He constantly emphasised all knowledge must be re-invested into our immediate community for the benefit of the whole of mankind.

Through his fearless and magnanimous leadership in the Muslim Assembly, he spearheaded numerous projects to enlighten and uplift our society. The advancement of the rights and status of women and their role as the first teachers of the nation was very close to his heart. He was deeply concerned about the needs of the widows, orphans and the destitute .

Dr Omar’s legacy and spirit will live on in the Muslim Assembly and in the hearts of those he touched. He will be remembered for his exemplary conduct, tireless efforts and dedication, his deep insight and spirituality.

He will be missed by all his patients. He dedicated his entire medical career to serving the community of Belville and the surrounding areas. His hallmark as a family doctor was his sincerity, passion and generosity. He treated all his patients alike. He never turned away a patient who could not afford the consultation. Very often he would make sure his non-paying patients had taxi fare to return home.

May God, the ever-merciful, grant him further growth, peace, and contentment in the hereafter.