Nurse deserves to be acknowledged

Rashid Seria, St James

Hanover Park usually makes the news for all the wrong reasons, like violent gang killings.

In May this year, my wife, Avril, and I gingerly ventured from our home in St James to the Hanover Park Clinic in the hope of getting vaccinated. We didn’t have an appointment and hadn’t received a notice from the Western Cape Health Department. We were just trying our luck.

It took us longer to find the clinic than to get vaccinated – 15 minutes to find the place and in 9 minutes we were done. I felt a slight prick and stayed seated, not realising that I’d received my first jab. The male nurse who vaccinated us with such professionalism was Andrew Mtsila.

It was wonderful to see Mr Mtsila being featured on the front page of Athlone News of your September 15 edition. He deserves to be acknowledged.