Public punished for Eskom corruption

Jasmine Uys, Athlone

The election was hardly over then it was load shedding again and not stage 1 or 2 but stage 4.

As if the unemployment rate isn’t high enough, many small businesses will crumble because of load shedding. I mean how can a hairdresser operate without electricity, or imagine a small bakery that has just put bread or rolls in the oven then it’s load shedding. Who is going to pay for their loss? Surely not Eskom because they can’t even keep the lights on.

So if the small businesses crumble because of load shedding, it will just push up the unemployment rate. Recently two former employees of Eskom were caught after defrauding Eskom out of hundreds of millions of rands, as well as a supplier that paid for things that were never delivered.

It would be interesting to know if any one of them will pay at least some of the money back to Eskom or will Eskom just try to get the money out of the cash-strapped consumers again? Once again, we the public are being punished for all the mismanagement and corruption by Eskom over the years .

The more load shedding we get, the more money we pay for electricity. On top of it, we must pay levies and vat also on it, why? Only in South Africa.