Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words

Jasmine Uys, Athlone

President Ramaphosa made a lot of promises during his State of the Nation Address on Thursday February 10.

It was a very nice speech, and we really hope that it won’t prove to be just empty promises because talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

His focus is also on the right things like Eskom – they need competition. Crime is also out of hand, and we need more police. And job creation is extremely important. While there are many young people who are unemployed, the focus shouldn’t be only on the young people. Most of the job opportunities are for people under 35 while many people over 35 have lost their jobs because of the virus and strict lockdown.

Many of them have a bond to pay and families to care for, but because of their age, they don’t get work, so I think the companies and the government should look at that too.

Another thing is that many people who apply for a job – even a job to sweep streets – need a matric certificate, which could frustrate those who were forced to leave school because there was no money to finish school.

Why not employ them for a month trial period to see if they are willing to work and if they can do the job. Everybody deserves a fair chance in life, and sometimes all somebody needs is a chance to prove themselves.

We can only hope and pray that the government will keep all its promises this time.