Let’s play ball

Sharief Adams, the programme’s co-ordinator agreed, saying it was important to share whatever skills and expertise they had, with the youngsters. “It was extremely heart-warming to see the smile on the children faces and the enjoyment they get out of it. Many of the times we learn more from them than them learning from us. Every area we visit, we try to leave a legacy and something positive behind. To make a positive impact in their lives and inspire them to reach their full potential is something special.”

Cassiem said the Ball to Poverty programme was established more than 10 years ago when students from the UK started delivering soccer balls to different communities in South Africa.

He said it had evolved to the point that all the volunteers working in Cape Town were home grown.

“It is important in a sense that they know these communities and the challenges faced. The children, in return, can also identify with them, which make things easier for everyone involved,” he said.

The programme culminated in a graduation ceremony, at Turfhall Stadium on Saturday, where they participating children received soccer balls while the coaches received certificates.