Books Beyond Words

The event is hosted by National Book Week, a joint initiative of the South African Book Development Council and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

No Covid-19 testing for under 55 with no underlying conditions

The City of Cape Town has shared some tips on how to treat mild Covid-19 cases at home.

Teen killed in drive-by shooting

Duwayne Tyman was shot when gunmen opened fire in Surburg Walk on Thursday May 30.

Free online law courses

To take part in any of the sessions email coordinator

Five steps to starting a side business

Steve Reid, manager of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at False Bay College, writes about how to start a side business.

Lockdown bookings eventually refunded

Cornel Juries booked accommodation at the West Coast resort between April 9 and April 13 before the lockdown.

Looking for family

Edward Petersen's last recorded residential address was in Heideveld or Kewtown.


Chef Charne Wylie from the school’s Pretoria campus shares her recipe for her delicious and easy-to-make malva pudding.

Store robbed

One of the men took out a gun and threatened to hurt the employee if she did not cooperate.

Teacher and activist dies of cancer

Noel Cleophas, from Silvertown, lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday May 12.