Ajax, Hellenic set for Prem Cup

Ajax Cape Town are among the sides that booked their spots in the Bayhill Premier Cup.

Jumbo’s licence rejected

Jumbo Cash and Carry does not have a licence to sell liquor.

‘Peace cannot happen without social justice’

Reverend Rachel Mash gave a talk on the”Capetonian perspective on climate change”.

Withdrawal benefits top concern for PFA

Death benefit lump sum payments remain the second highest number of complaints finalised.

Shaziah needs funds

Faseega Coetzee and her daughter, Shaziah, are hoping to travel to Arizona in June.

Shafieka releases first single

Shafieka Patel from Hazendal has released her first single.

Separate reality from romcom fantasy

Carin-Lee Masters how we are socialised when it comes to love and romance.

Richard Shelton brings Sinatra’s music to the stage

Richard Shelton will be accompanied by Adam Howard’s 17-piece Joburg Big Band.

Remarkable journey of Krotoa

The event was also held to mark Black History Month, celebrated in February around the world.

Read of the Week

Lauren O’Connor-May reviews Best Recycling Tricks.