Call for activism awareness

Jann Watlington said children neglected by their parents could develop trust issues, moulding them into insecure adults who seek love from the wrong kind of people.

Singers bring their Loverz Kwarrel to stage

Zyboedien and Zurayda Abrahams have been singing together for 10 years.

Read of the Week

Chantel Erfort reviews Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman.

City workers not allowed to ask for ‘Christmas boxes’

In a statement, the City said it had previously received reports of residents being asked, at times aggressively, for Christmas boxes.

Parents dig deep for Christmas gifts

Gumtree South Africa’s general manager, Claire Cobbledick, says toys which don’t live up to expectations can easily be spotted by analysing listings on the site.

Pupils taught to unlearn violence

Madina Institute Centre for Non-violence and Peace Studies, has been running this conference at different locations in Cape Town for the past four years.

Two arrested for drugs

Athlone police arrested two men for the possession of 100 units of unga, 35 packets of tik and R190 cash.

Railway-cable theft still rife

According to ward councillor Angus McKenzie, cables between Bonteheuwel and Netreg stations are targeted daily.


Othello: A Woman’s Story highlights our primal selves, where the prison setting captures the darkest and purest sides of the human condition.


The group gathered at one of their former classmate’s home, and plan to have more gatherings to especially reach those who missed this reunion.