A plaster on an open wound

Jasmine Uys, Allicedale

It’s like a never-ending story: Load shedding, load shedding load shedding.

Just when we think everything is okay, then, bang, the system is under pressure. Be ready for load shedding at short notice.

One minute it’s stage 2 and hardly ten minutes later it’s stage 4.

My question is, what are Eskom and the government doing about the embattled power system, except putting electricity prices up?

Because it seems the more load shedding there is, the more you pay for electricity. For how many years do we have load shedding already? And the problem gets worse by the day.

The ancient systems stay under pressure and keep on breaking.

It’s almost like putting a plaster on an open wound.

The government should have done something about Eskom a long time ago already.

No wonder we are junk status and the unemployment rate is so high.

For once the government should do the right thing and put South Africa and its people first.