A prayer for Bontas

Soraya Salie, chairperson of the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies

This is our first small step towards peace in Bonteheuwel, and we pray that it will soon have a ripple effect in and around Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa and the entire world.

World peace and peaceful change starts with me. We, the mothers of Bonteheuwel together with the mothers of the IWPG, as well as all mothers of the world, via our unconditional love and compassionate hearts, can bring about world peace, leaving behind a legacy of peace for our future generations.

Lord, we pray that you ease our tasks for us, take care of all our affairs, shower us with your mercy, lead us towards righteousness and grant us to experience and to witness peace in our lifetime. If not in our lifetime, then at least in the lifetime of our future generations. Our Lord, you are the healer, acceptor and grantor of prayers. Please answer our prayers, Ameen.