Athlone singer’s love song creeping into hearts

Athlone singer Nicole Mason’s new single, How Far, a song about how far you would go for someone you love, is finding a place in the hearts of the public, according to her music producers.

How Far is a confession of her love for someone hoping that the person feels the same. The single was released on Friday August 27.

The 25-year-old says she started writing the song in 2018 and completed it this year when she met Evan Raffles and Jordan Simons, music producers from Grassy Park.

In 2018, Nicole released her first single, Window Seat, about how you feel when staring out of the window while sitting at the back of a car or bus.

Nicole says she fell in love with music from a young age and sang and danced in school musicals.

“From there, my passion for music just grew, and, by age 13, I was writing my own songs. So I write the songs now and Evan and Jordan add sound tracks to it and produce it – its a collaboration.”

Evan, 23, and Jordan, 25, go by the name Do Not Disturb.

Jordan says it is important to give artists an opportunity to show off their talent because many don’t have the means to release their work.

A lot of young artists make music in their bedrooms or garages, but the music often dies there because no one gives them the support they need. The “do not disturb” sign usually found on a bedroom door inspired the name of the producers’ business.

Jordan says How Far is a song with wide appeal. “Everyone will be able to resonate with the words of this song. It is a dance pop song that everyone will enjoy.”

Evan says the single has drawn a warm response from the public.

“The response has been very positive so far, and we are just hoping to use our knowledge to help other artists produce their music. We just want to help out where we can give back to our community.”

How Far can be heard on all digital platforms.