Aunty Olly turns 100

Aunty Olly with her birthday cake.

Olive Caroline Johansen – better known as Aunty Olly – from Lansdowne, celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday October 26.

The festivities for the centenarian included a party at the Belgravia Seniors Home last Tuesday.

Aunty Olly, who is one of nine siblings, grew up in Kimberly and moved to Cape Town in 1947, staying with her aunt in St Athans Road in Athlone.

In 1949 she got married to the late William Johansen and moved to Ronderbosch East and then had three children – two boys and one girl.

Her husband passed away in 1991, at the of 66.

Aunty Olly, who is also a grandmother of 10, said her husband had been a “very nice man” who cared for others and often helped people who were seeking employment. Asked to describe herself as a parent she said: “I would hit them if they were naughty, I was strict and taught them to be polite.”

She described her family as a very close-knit one and and that she had often taken her children to the cinema. Ms Johansen joined the Belgravia Seniors’ Club in 1996 which she attends on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. At the club, which she describes as a “happy crowd”, the seniors play bowls, darts, as well as table games and often went on outings. Aunty Olly said she had made many friends at the center.

“We are like one big happy family. We never fought with each other and we have always had good times,” she said.