Aunty Zainu a Ward 49 candidate


Statice Heights’ Zainuniesa Waggie, known to everyone in the community as “Aunty Zainu”, runs a feeding scheme, and is considered a counsellor, and a mother to all, who often helps her neighbours with their “service delivery challenges”.

This is how Ms Waggie is described by the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa’s (ICOSA’s ) Metro chairperson, Richard Kock.

Ms Waggie is one of 18 candidates contesting in the upcoming local government election, for Ward 49.

Icosa has its roots in the Southern Cape, and will be contesting the Cape Metro area for the first time during this election. It was founded by former Karoo District Municipality manager, Truman Prince, and the party is 14 years old.

Mr Kock added that Ms Waggie is no stranger to the constituents of Ward 49.

“Aunty Zainu has been serving this community for years. For many, aunty Zainu is a pillar of strength – the ‘go-to-girl’. She is definitely accessible to the community,” Mr Kock said.

Ms Waggie said she decided to run for office, after seeing the need in the community while volunteering in a “political office” for three-and-a-half years.

“We need to make things better for our children. Young people have matric and end up sitting on the street, because they have nothing to do. On the other hand, you also find children who are supposed to be in school, but do not attend school, because, for example, their parents are both on drugs. What about the children’s future? We need to do something to save the next generation. Our elderly are also being abused for their meagre pension money – and sometimes they are abused by their own families. I want to make a difference in our community, and that is why I made myself available to contest this election,” Ms Waggie said.

Her party’s priority, Ms Waggie said, was to look at the annual budget, and spend the money in areas where it is needed most. Icosa is also strict on public consultative processes, which is vital, Ms Waggie added, hence the party slogan “Nothing about us without us”.