Burglary at sub-council

Various documents were read through.

Bishop Lavis police are looking for the burglars who broke into the Bonteheuwel sub-council office on Saturday
February 3.

Ward 50 councillor Angus Mckenzie said the break-in occurred between midnight and 1am on Sunday morning.

He said he had received a call at 7am to inform him about the incident and that equipment – a computer and a phone – had been stolen.

“It seems that important documents were looked through as well,” he said.

Mr Mckenzie said this was the first break-in at the sub-council office as there were security cameras and security guards.

Bishop Lavis police station commander Brigadier Christopher Jones said police were appealing to the community for help.

“No arrests have been made yet, but we are investigating the case,” he said.

Of the impact the break-in would have on his work, Mr Mckenzie said: “We have been achieving good work so far and while these things usually hamper the workflow and focus, we will continue the way that we have been.”