Caring for the elderly

Pictured is Julaiga Pietersen with Helena Julies.

Senior citizens at the Apricot old age home in Bonteheuwel were given medical supplies and non-perishable foods last week.

The donations were handed over on Monday June 26.

Abie Clayton, the chairman of the Community of Bonteheuwel Association, received a donation of about 40 basic medical packs, with each including cotton wool, gloves, bandage, cotton swabs, and a cap.

These were then donated to the seniors.

Julaiga Pietersen, 78, who has been living at the home for 13 years received a medical pack.

“It will always be helpful somewhere. It is good to have it in the house in case of emergencies,” she said.

Another resident, Helena Julies, 81, who has lived at the home for about 12, years said that the pack would be useful as she fell recently.

“Everyone was invited to the hall for the programme but I told them I can’t walk to the hall because it was too cold and my legs are weak so they brought it to me. I can use the cotton wool to put in my ear so I don’t have to buy now. I’m glad we received the packs, people always say they forget about us but now they have given this to us. We don’t have to use our own money to buy medical supplies now,” she said.

Angus Mckenzie, councillor for Ward 50, which includes Bonteheuwel, said pensioners were finding themselves under extreme pressure with the rising cost of living. This, he said, had led to the partnership with the Community of Bonteheuwel Association, which aimed to provide ongoing services and care to the elderly.

“These social initiatives and changes are helping to create a new foundation for this developing society. As organisations and political leadership, our people’s holistic well-being remains critical to us and these projects of giving illustrate just how important the elderly are as well,” he said.