Charity helps needy school pupils

Mogamat Busby delivering a wheelchair to a needy person last year.

The Givers non-profit organisation is seeking public support for its drive to donate stationery, school uniforms and shoes to needy pupils.

Mogamat Busby, of Belgravia, says he started the organisation in 2020 after noticing the need in his community and surrounding areas.

All children deserved to go to school with a school uniform and have something to eat and drink, he said.

“We do this to put a smile on the children’s faces. I know what it was like to go to school barefoot and wish that someone would help me and my family and now that I am able to, I hope to be that light for someone else. What motivates me is that we have to make provision for the life after,” he said.

The charity also gives food, blankets and wheelchairs to the needy, and Mr Busby will also be running iftaar and Eid donation drives.

“I am appealing to the community out there to donate. I really hope that more people will come on board.”

Mr Busby’s son, Mogamat Thaabit Busby, said: “It’s a good thing that we are doing. I drive my dad around and do the deliveries. This project is so important in the community. It helps to unite people and makes others aware of what is happening in the community.”

Mr Busby’s daughter, Hudaa Busby, said they were also collecting blankets in preparation for winter.

To make donations, call 068 580 9158.