Don’t stop praying

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Less than six months ago, Covid-19, or the coronavirus, were just words to us.

An illness in a distant country. China is very far from us, so for most of us, the fact that we can get the virus here in South Africa, didn’t even cross our minds.

Now less than six months later, it’s on everybody’s lips. Most of us are living in fear that we, or our loved ones, may get the virus, and nowadays most of us know somebody who have the virus, or died of the virus.

The virus truly has us all in a grip of fear. The prediction of the scientists of how many people will die when we reach the peak soon is even more grim. But we must remember, the scientists are human, they are not God. It’s what they predict, but what is God’s plan with us? Do we even ask or trust God to help us? It is true, God uses humans to do his work in many cases, but in the end we should put our trust in God, not human beings.

We should also never stop praying for our health-care workers in these difficult times.