Dreaming of a better tomorrow

More than 90 children joined the activities at Donegal Court.

A Hanover Park woman has started a children’s organisation to create awareness about all kinds of abuse.

Although the programme has been running for a year, Mary Bruce launched it officially on Saturday February 17, when more than 90 children gathered at Donegal Court.

Her organisation is called What About the Children – Dream.

She said 32 children had been part of the programme over the past year.

“A lot of children suffer abuse in their own homes and are not allowed to speak out.

“People wonder why youths join gangs or get involved with other social ills like drugs. It is because they were silent. I was silent for 27 years and allowed fear, pain, anger and hatred to consume me, and it led me to a dark place,” Ms Bruce said.

Apart from the activities held at Donegal Court, some of the children who are already part of the programme joined a convoy of cars through the area, making a loud noise and symbolising the breaking of the silence.

Later, the children were treated to a meal.

“We wanted to make a sound for every child who has been and is still being silenced,” Ms Bruce said.