Economic boom

Fagmi Abass Hanover Park Civic Association

How many of our people sit beside the road, hoping to get work?

We need only to spend a small fraction of this money and will get it back many times in taxes and revenues.

We are now about 50 million South Africans in the country.

Give each person of 18 years and older R1 million each.

The poor people will be able to buy houses, etc.

Imagine there will be an economic boom in the building industry. People will buy furniture, electrical appliances, curtaining, beds, bedding, clothes, etc.

An economic boom in all industries. People will pay rates on their houses.

All these various companies will pay tax to the government. The government will get their money back over and over.

For the extremely rich who have millions, it will be like giving a cent. The benefits will be enormous.

There will always be unemployed people. Then there are the foreigners flooding to our country who are unemployed.

Sorry, we will not be able to give this money to foreigners for obvious reasons. Come make a change for the better.

According to the 2017 budget, we will spend R180 billion on social protection.

According to television news, we have 17 million Sassa beneficiaries.

We will save all this money on Sassa. People will be able to go to the doctor, saving on health.

Our doctors will no longer leave the country as they can make a living. So much money will be saved by our government it boggles the mind. The list of savings for our country can go on and on.

Just spend about
R40 million every five years and save all the other expenditures. This country will not lose out. No way will everybody become rich.

There will be people who will mess this money but many will spend it wisely, culminating in savings to the country and will result in an economic boom countrywide.

Let this government for once do a good thing and spend money wisely.

This idea about giving everybody
R1 million every five years is not mine.

I just built on it. An economic boom for the whole country.