Eoan Group performs The Lion King: 90th anniversary edition

The cast of The Lion King.

The Eoan Group School of the Performing Arts performed a remake based on the popular Disney movie, The Lion King, as its last production of 2023 over the weekend at the Joseph Stone Auditorium.

The Lion King follows the journey of young Prince Simba, who is forced to leave his home, The Pride Lands, after his father Mufasa is murdered by his uncle, Scar. Years later, he returns as a young lion to reclaim his throne.

The student showcase formed part of the dance school’s 90th anniversary, which they celebrated throughout the year.

Josh Petersen as the wise monkey Rafiki, holding up Baby Simba, played by baby Malik Terpend.
The little ones performed to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
The student dancers hyped the crowd.
In front is young Nala, played by Kacey-Lee Powell and young Simba, played by Max Truter.
Daaliyah Jumat played the evil uncle Scar.
The Belly dance students performed a piece.
Performing Mufasa’s death scene are Ethan Bob McKay as Mufasa and Max Truter as young Simba.
Emma Cameron played Timon the meerkat.
Scar’s exile scene to the song Deception.
Mo’jiza Mosaval as grown Simba, with his mother Sarabi, played by Lucille Hendricks in Scar’s exile scene.
Students perform a dance.