Homecraft makes winter warmer for pupils

Pictured are the club members at Naluxolo Primary School with some of the pupils and their new scarves.

A total of 1 300 children fromNaluxolo Primary School in Samora Machel will have a little more warmth this winter thanks to a donation of scarves from the Rylands Homecraft Club.

The group made the scarves as part of their project to give back to the community.

Scenes of excitement were the order of the day at the primary school on May 24.

There were more smiles by the parents, pupils, and teachers as pupils arrived to receive their scarves.

At the same time, the women’s group also answered a call by a preschool owner to donate toys to help bring joy to their pupils in the same area.

The little eyes lit up when the women arrived at Forever Educare with boxes filled with all sorts of treasures.

But the club also brightened up the day at Naluxolo Primary School.

The project to make and donate the scarves was spearheaded by Rylands Homecraft Club member, Chandra Magan.

The club had initially started knitting the scarves last year but when the task became too great they bought fabric, cut it to size and every single pupil’s name was individually handpainted onto the scarves by the Rylands Homecraft Club members.

Ms Magan said she was happy to have donated scarves to the children.

She said it was the club’s idea to give back. Speaking to the pupils, Ms Magan urged them to be responsible.

“You will now come to school warm. Promise us that you will read at least once a day. When you read you will be a better citizens,” she said to a huge response and applause.

Most members of the club were at the event to oversee the handover.

She said as the club, they have workshops and other gatherings for women. “We also give to many charities and we help where we can. We came here today and we have learnt a lot,” she said.

She promised to come back to the area.

Principal Nokuzola Gqeba said she was happy and appreciated the donation made to the school.

She said with winter already causing havoc, her children will feel warmer.

Ms Gqeba said it was encouraging to see that there are people who care.

“This is going to help our children. How we met these phenomenal women is a miracle.

“There is a lady who works for one of them who one day came and took our contact details.

“We then got a call to say they are making scarves and would want to donate to our school. As many say, the rest is history. We are really grateful to them and the woman who recommended our school,” she said.

The women had been painstakingly making the scarves for months.

At the educare, the women were treated to the sounds of songs by the children.

Talking to Vukani, the Athlone News’ sister newspaper, Mavis Dudula, the pre-school principal, sent out a heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed.

She said she was blown away by the love shown by the club to the children in her care.

Ms Dudula said she never thought that her crèche would ever get such a donation. She received blankets, scarves, beanies and toys for her children.

“They are amazing people to say the least. Their contribution have ensured that we are able to keep our smiles.

“I cannot begin to explain what a difference this has made to me, the teachers, parents and mostly the children.

“The smile on their faces when they were given their presents said it all,” she said.

She made a plea to those who can donate something to the children to do so.

She said a lot is still needed at her educare because most parents are either unemployed or underpaid.