Honouring women

Elizabeth Horne, Carmelita Luyt, and Bongiwe Siwa were selected as the best-dressed. With them is Constable Shandre Pretorius.

The Good Hope Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NPO), teamed up with Athlone SAPS, Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, and Cape Mental Health to host an awareness programme around abuse.

This Women’s Month event, hosted at the Athlone SAPS hall on Thursday August 22, was aimed at informing women where to go for help, and the organisers hope that the women who were present, would go and spread the message in their communities.

Julie Koopman, from the Good Hope Foundation, said sometimes abuse flourishes because women do not love themselves enough.

“As a foundation, we wanted to get more involved with the community, although much of our work has to do with outreach activities and food parcels. This is why we decided to host this event.

“Many women don’t know where to go for help if they are in abusive relationships, and some don’t even know there is help available. Our theme for the day was ‘Yes to love, no to abuse’,” Ms Koopman said.

Apart from the awareness talks, the women were also treated to a brunch, and entertainment. Three women were also awarded a best-dressed prize and candles were lit in honour of those who lost their lives.