I suppose …

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

I suppose no one knows nothing

everyone’s cheeks are turned

everyone is looking

the other way

not the Bonteheuwel way

and wherever else schools are not safe from its inhabitants

around and about the place

(be it here or any other landmass)

I suppose no one knows nothing

is the anguished response from a high school learner

her school vandalized

by her country’s occupants

unless of course the aliens

have landed at long last

on planet Mother Earth

to perform treasonable acts

on the street where you live

destroying schools wrecking

libraries ruining many a future

(the oddest of activities this is

the poor stealing from the poor

in a nation-state where folks

make-believe quite religiously)

I suppose no one knows nothing

sounds like Afrikaaps

and not my mother’s

tea-drinking English

(or mine even)

(after all

language is power

and there is

power in language)

I suppose no one knows nothing

shackled as we are

as free as we are

* Written in response to stories about burglaries at schools and creches reported in last week’s papers.